DE Histograms

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DE Histograms Release 2000.1030

This Excel Add-In provides fast and easy graphical and statistical data analysis.
It allows your product or process to "speak for itself".
This Release has been designed for Excel (97 or 2000) for Windows.

  New Features


New Features

Please note that the DE Histograms menu is now located on the right side of the main Worksheet ToolBar.

New Features in the 2000.1030 Release:
  * New: Multi-Vari Charts

New Features from the 2000.0726 Release included in the 2000.1030 Release:
  * Active Help System
  * Flexible Tests Table Column Headers
  * Multiple Test Limits over different Conditions
  * New OLAP Graphical User Interface
      * Lists all files for a given Project
      * Lists all file attributes
      * User may use existing file attributes or add your own to the list
      * User selects Condition(s) of interest, and desired Report
          * The New OLAP Engine does all the hard work of pulling the data together!
              (see Reporting Options below)
 * New OLAP Engine analyzes data across all user files that are in Standard format
    * New Bins Report
    * New Data Report
    * New Tests Table Report
    * Verification of File integrity
        * Reports why files are invalid
  * CDF Standard File Format recognized and generated
    * CDF is a very fast, small, easy-to-mine, parametric (and meta-) data format



Are you responsible for a product, process, or part?
Continuous improvement principles encourage you to know and improve your product.
Now this Excel Add-In allows you to graphically and statistically analyze your data. Your product or process "speaks for itself".
If your data is "continuous" numeric data that can be fit by one or more Normal distributions, read on.

The Features of this Add-In are very advanced:
  * Full Excel capability
  * Tests-Table Driven
  * Smart X-Axis features (no more hunting for off-scale data)
  * Up to 65,535 data points per Test * Condition
  * Up to 32,767 Tests (limited by available Memory)
  * Graphical comparison of any number of Conditions
  * Advanced Statistics automatically deal with outliers
     (which drastically inflate estimates of standard deviation, and skew the average,
     in most other programs)
See the Features section for a more complete list.
Output Histograms appear in a new Workbook containing a Summary
Sheet followed by one Sheet per page of 8 histograms.

One Histogram is output for each Test in the Tests Table and for each Condition.

A Tukey rank-based robust outlier detection method is applied,
then Normal statistics are calculated on the remaining Main Mode points.

If there is more than one Condition, t-test and F-test statistics are reported,
with the first Condition as the reference distribution. Conditions with
significantly different Average or Variance are highlighted:
  * Green on Yellow for improved Variance
  * Red on Yellow for different Average, or increased Variance
  * Significance level is set to 0.05 divided by the number of tests
    (in order to control overall Type I Error rate)

Multiple Test Limits over Conditions are simply handled: This program reads the Condition #(s) from
the user Comments in the Header Cells of the Tests Table.
More than one Condition # is indicated using commas or spaces.



* Your data is safe: All calculations are done in a separate workbook
* Comprehensive Output is placed in a new Excel Workbook and includes:
   * Full Excel capabilities (viewing, filtering, saving, printing, editing ...)
   * Statistical results are presented in both tabular and graphical form
   * All traceability information (reference to data, tests table)
   * AutoFilter (point-and-click selection of tests or conditions of interest)
   * Results are presented in 1-page-wide view (ready for printing)
   * File-size estimate
* Fast - Thousands of data points per second
* Active Help System
* Demo Data
   * Includes a random number generator with which to simulate new data
* Automatic handling of Outliers
* Handles all types of data including formulas, text, and error values
* Tests-Table driven (Spec Limits and other options)
   * Tests may be in any order and are individually selectable
   * The following user-specified Tests-Table Columns drive this program:
      * Test
      * Name
      * Sort
      * SpecLo, SpecHi (multiple over Conditions is handled)
      * HistSigma (+-6-sigma lines are plotted, or user's choice)
      * Title
      * ChartLo, ChartHi
      * Units
      * Avg, StDev, Cp (used to turn off statistics if desired)
* Tests Table and Data may be anywhere, on any sheet(s) in any workbook(s)
   * "Make Blank Excel Tests/Data Tables" option allows a quick-start
   * Only One Column is required in the Tests Table
   * Defaults are stored in Tests-Table-Sheet-level names
      - Effective if multiple Tests Tables are in different Sheets
   * Multiple Tests Tables may be used (on different Sheets)
* Handles all input errors (such as non-numeric data)
* Filters are observed, providing useful selection of tests or data rows
* All user inputbox inputs pop up as defaults for the next Run
* Histogram X-Axis Features:
   * All data is always shown
   * No truncation or round-off error
   * X-Axis scale is automatically locked across Conditions (user may override)
* Smart pagination
* Smart Tabular output
   * t-test and F-test statistics are reported (if there is more than one Condition)
   * Number format is aligned non-scientific if possible
   * Explanatory Field Comments are included
* Smart Graphical output
   * The Histograms for a given Condition are always at
   the same place on a page, for #Conditions=1 thru 8
   * Yaxis scale is not affected by a high number of off-chart outliers
   * Smart format of very small or very large numbers
* Titles may be included for each Test, Condition, and Run
* Professional Documentation:
   * All output contains consistent DateTime and Release Code Stamps
   * Release Code is traceable

General Specifications:* Requires: Excel (Excel 97 or later) for Windows
   * Subject to available Memory
   * Only the author's current version of Excel will be supported
   * Full fast-response Support is limited to Delphi Automotive Systems, its Suppliers, and Customers
   * Up to 32,767 Tests per Project
   * Any number of Conditions (Multi-Vari Charts show the first <=32 Conditions)
   * Measurements may be either Periodic or non-Periodic
   * This Release allows any of the following Tests Table Column Headers for the Min and Max limits:
      "speclo", "min", "limit min", "lim min", "lspl", "_lspl", "Spec Limit Lo", "Spec Lo Limit",
      "Spec Lim Lo", "Spec Lo Lim", "Low Limit", "Lo Limit", "Low Lim", "Lo Lim", "LimLo",
      "LoLim", "Lim Lo", "Limit Lo", "Lim Low", "Limit Low", "lsl", "_lsl_", "_lsl"
      "spechi", "max", "limit max", "lim max", "uspl", "_uspl", "Spec Limit Hi", "Spec Hi Limit",
      "Spec Lim Hi", "Spec Hi Lim", "High Limit", "Hi Limit", "High Lim", "Hi Lim", "LimHi",
      "HiLim", "Lim Hi", "Limit Hi", "Lim High", "Limit High", "usl", "_usl_", "_usl"
   These Headers are then carried thru to the Main Table and Graphical Output.

Specifications, Analysis of Data in Excel:
* Up to 65,535 data points per Test * Condition
* Any number of Data Range Areas (limited by 255-Character InputBox) per Condition

Specifications, OLAP Analysis of Data In Files:
* Up to 65,500 Standard Data Files (in each OLAP List)
* Up to 32,767 File-level Conditions (in each file)
* Up to 32,767 Part-level Conditions (for each part)
* Up to 65,500 Bins per Project
* Any number of Parts or Times/Cycles per file

(One "part" may also be multiple measurements of one part.)


1 If you have installed prior Releases of DE Histograms,
it is best to rename or remove the old file "dehist.xla" using
Start-Find. Excel has a habit of tenaciously hanging onto old files.

2 Everything needed to run this program is contained in one file called dehist.xla.
Right-click and select the Save Link/Target As option to begin downloading the zipped file onto your computer.
The zipped file can be unzipped after downloading (right click, then Save Link/Target As) the pkunzip.exe program. Once downloaded, drag the file onto the pkunzip.exe program, or from the Dos command line, type "pkunzip".

3 Open dehist.xla

(Due to the smart toolbars in Excel 2000, it is no longer recommended to load this from Tools-AddIns.)

If a security dialog comes up during installation of DE Histograms, click on "Enable Macros".
This tells you that you are loading Visual Basic code.

Following Installation, the Active Help System should appear.

"DE Histograms" should now appear on the right side of the main CommandBar (toolbar).

Open your data workbook(s) prior to Analysis.
Click on Window to return to any open Workbook.

Click on "DE Histograms" in the Menu (at the top). Then the options are:
  * Analyze Data in Files
  * Analyze Data in Excel
  * Help

Verify the proper Release at the top of the Help dialog or the bottom of any output Sheet.


Several users have commented that this combined with a writeable CD-ROM and the freely available 2MB Excel Viewer available at:
is a good solution for data-retention archival requirements.


(c) Copyright Delphi Delco Electronics Systems 1997 - 2000
This software may be freely shared world-wide.
"Sharing of software or other experience does not imply its fitness for your purpose, nor imply or express any warranty."